How it works

We want to bring people together to improve their language skills in a relaxed setting.  All events will take place in selected bars in Vienna. Half of the people attending will be native (or very fluent) English speakers, the other half will be native (or very fluent) German speakers. Once you signed up for an upcoming event:

  • come to the location at least 15 minutes before the event
  • get your free drink, go to your assigned table, meet your partner and start your conversation
  • after 8 minutes the bell rings and you switch the language of conversation
  • after another 8 minutes the bell rings again, this time you change partners

Vienna Language Socials hope that this would be an effective and enjoyable way to improve your language skills, simultaneously meet new people and explore bars in Vienna.

Sign up for an upcoming event:

The price of 6 Euros includes one free drink. The small fee is necessary to cover the costs and to make sure that people actually show up for the events. If you are unhappy with the event you attended, I will refund the admission fee!

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